PATRICK FURLOTTI propels ideas and experiences into meaningful action. As Global Mana Co-Founder and Director of Research and Development, Patrick cultivates solutions to issues of our social and environmental impact. Patrick has directed and produced numerous environmental documentaries showcasing both the beauty and devastations of our planet. His visual narratives tell the story of global interconnections and the urgent need for change. As a respected captain and navigator who has sailed numerous seas, Patrick constantly seeks more fluent and graceful ways of moving through the world. He transforms the way we do this. His interviews with international leaders and indigenous healers amplify a global perspective that promotes ecological responsibility, cultural inclusion and a revolution in consumer ethics. Patrick identifies and directs projects that deepen our connection to the environment and the lives of others. When you work for a cause you are the effect. Patrick injects dynamic law into his activism: he has swam rivers and oceans from Hawaii and Tahiti to Thailand raising millions for environmental causes. He sees no stopping.